When we were formed in 2020, our goal was to recruit past and present hotline volunteers for the purpose of creating and recommending uniform best practices to the hotline industry.

HelpUnited founders recognized for our agency to be heard, we would need many members. To grow our ranks, we knew that convincing hotline volunteers of the merit of our mission would be the key. 

Once word of our mission began to spread, hotline volunteers agreed that as our collaborative group grew larger, we would not only be able to recommend best practices initiatives, we could also influence macro-changes on many levels of the hotline industry.


To Gather a Large Group of Past and Present Hotline Volunteers, Who Will Use Their Knowledge and Experience to Build Best Practices and Policies for the Hotline Industry, and Present and Advance Same through the Reputation Garnered by HelpUnited's Unified Front.

Building an Organization Comprised of as Many Volunteers as Possible from Nonprofit, Government and Other Agencies to Collaborate on Critical Topics of Concern in the Hotline Industry, Namely:
1. Ensuring Protection & Respect of All Volunteers
2. Creating a Safe Community for Volunteers to Express Their Opinions
3. Recommending Best Practices with the Strength of a Unified Front, and;
4. Address Concerns About the Proper Use of Nonprofits Resources by Hotline Executives and Management.
5. Recommend Opportunities for Hotlines to Stop Recreating the Wheel and Duplicating Efforts, Such as Training, Volunteer Recruitment, Senior Management, Executives, and Other Resources and Expenses Which Could be Easily Shared by Nonprofit Agencies.

If you have been or are a volunteer working for any hotline in the United States, please join HelpUnited. Together, we can work to improve all hotline services to the benefit of the millions of people in need who call hotlines every year.

- Given that Hotline Volunteers are Give Their Time for Free to Agencies that Pay Other Staff            to Do Less Difficult Work, and;
- Given That an Estimated 25.1 Percent of US Adults Volunteered Last Year, and;
- Given that Volunteers contributed a Total of Approximately 8.8 Billion Hours Last Year, and;
- Given that 60% of Nonprofits Filing Tax Returns Account for More than Three-Quarters of                Revenue and Expenses for the Nonprofit Sector, Public Charities, and;
- Given that Nonprofits Reported $1.98 Trillion Dollars in Revenues and $1.84 Trillion Dollars in          Expenses...
Shouldn't Volunteers, Who Give 8.8 Billion Hours of Their Time to Nonprofits have Some Say Deciding How $2 Trillion Dollars is being Spent?  
Shouldn't HelpUnited, Which was Founded by Volunteers, be Allowed to Give a Voice to Some of the 80 Million US Volunteers and Shouldn't that Voice be Considered by Executives from the Hotline Industry Given that They are Beneficiaries of a Chunk of the $1.98 Trillion Dollars in Revenues?



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email: support@helpunited.org

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