The economics of not recreating the wheel, not stepping on one another's toes and working as a"whole" instead of as separate parts could lead to an astounding savings of money, which is now required to operate non-profit corporations that run hotlines and helplines and recreate the wheel on a regular basis.

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By working together, we can create and recommend "best practices" that will benefit thousands of hotlines. Because hotlines run across such a diverse space in the nonprofit world and because so many people use hotlines, there may be no larger group of nonprofits in the United States that could benefit from collaboration by their volunteers. Only we, working together, can make large scale improvements to the hotline industry.


Consider hotline training for example. The cost of thousands of individuals hotlines, training only their volunteers is a tremendous expenditure that could easily be consolidated into one well designed and equipped training facility. That fact alone demonstrates the importance of hotline and helpline volunteers at least having a candid discussion about the improvements we can make by working together.