If you have worked as a hotline volunteer, or you are presently working as a hotline volunteer, we need your assistance. 

  • Hotline Volunteers

  • Helpline Volunteers

  • Text Chat Volunteers

  • Web Chat Volunteers

If we are able to form a large group of skilled and experienced hotline volunteers, we will be positioned to recommend wide-ranging improvements to the hotline industry.

As you know, the hotline industry is not regulated. There are new hotlines and chat lines created every day, many of which are duplicating the efforts of other hotlines. Technology advances and the advent of virtual PBX systems and VoIP entities, are pushing for more and more hotlines to be created, as it is in their interest to sell their systems.

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Here are some things to consider:

  • However, are hotline users best served by this proliferation of new services?

  • Can the hotline industry drastically reduce its overhead by implementing best practices?

  • Should thousands of hotlines operate their own training programs? Or should training be centralized, for efficiency?

  • Should thousands of hotlines advertise for volunteers, in competition with other hotlines, or should advertising and hiring be centralized?

  • Should volunteers, the heart of the hotline industry have a say in the direction that the service that they're volunteering their time to? The amount paid to executives?

  • Shouldn't volunteers have a say in the way the service they work for operates?

There are many other examples of why and how hotline volunteers can collaborate and use their clout to help to improve the hotline they work for and the hotline industry as a whole.

BUT, we need as many volunteers as possible to step up and to encourage other volunteers to step up, because if we don't the status quo will not change. Without oversight, hotlines will either through negligence, greed, or pure happenstance continue to head in the wrong direction.

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