National Hotline Volunteers Month is the tool by which our agency informs the public about these unsung heroes. We need the help of high schools across the country to make NHVM happen


An important mission of our nonprofit agency is to celebrate and honor the special work that hotline volunteers perform. 

These generous people donate not just their time, but also donate from their heart. They provide assistance, respect, kindness, advice, guidance, and comfort to millions of people every year, working for thousands of hotlines, many of which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 


We reach out to guidance counselors, college counselors as well as high school faculty and students to assist us with bringing life to this dynamic project. To publicize NHVM, we're offering high school seniors and juniors at select high schools the opportunity to earn volunteer work hours by participating in a massive outreach project to inform the public about National Hotline Volunteers Month. 


Each volunteer and school will receive certificates of volunteer participation, setting forth the hours of volunteer work 

As I'm sure you know better than me, volunteerism is a major factor considered by colleges as part of the admission process AND the significance of introducing young people to the joy of volunteer work is something that cannot be overstated. 

Teams of high school seniors, juniors, faculty, and parents who are interested in volunteering to promote NHVM by circulating posters, brochures, one-pagers, and other materials at your school, community centers, other schools and, other community locations that inform the public about both NHVM and the availability of the free #4Help Hotline Directory

We need "point people" at high schools to pull as many volunteers as you can together, to work during the month of October and to pass out materials for circulation to each volunteer. Each student, faculty member, and parent will be able to register as a participant at, to participate. 

To establish that volunteer hours have been performed, we require students post photos and videos of themselves delivering our materials. We also ask that schools and students post their photos and videos on their school and personal social media.

Each school will have its own page at - protecting your privacy of individual student's names for uploading photos and videos. This page can be linked to your school website and social media. By combining these boots on ground outreach with the social media grassroots campaign that will grow from it, our hope is that people across the country will begin to better understand the amazing work performed by hotline volunteers. As well as, the availability of hotlines for virtually any need. 


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